Fun learning sessions and other great gardening events throughout the year!

Join us in the spring time for our "Make It & Take It" Workshops and learning seminars (free to attend). To sign up for an event, please call the store to register as most of our classes have limited seating. Looking to book a custom horticultural workshop at our store or your location? Please e-mail our Customer Service to inquire about space and staff availability.

Event Registration

Our Workshops require registration and have an event cost applied. Seating may also be limited, so please reserve your spot by contacting our store at (905) 427-2525. No registration is required for our other events including free seminars and other listed store activities.

Annual Koi Harvest

Saturday, September 21st @ 10:00AM
Location: Mud Pond enclosure behind stone yard
Free to Attend

It's soon time to harvest our Tosai Koi from our nursery pond and bring them inside for the winter! We invite you to attend and learn about this process, including Vandermeer Nursery's koi breeding program. Afterwards, our freshest selection of koi will be available for purchase.

Overwinter Your Pond

Saturday, September 28th @ 10:00AM
Free Seminar

Learn how to properly overwinter your pond and prepareyour fish for colder months. To register, call or sign up at our Pond Department.