Fun learning sessions and other great gardening events throughout the year!

Join us in the spring time for our "Make It & Take It" Workshops and learning seminars (free to attend). To sign up for an event, please call the store to register as most of our classes have limited seating. Looking to book a custom horticultural workshop at our store or your location? Please e-mail our Customer Service to inquire about space and staff availability.

Event Registrations

Our Workshops require registration and have an event cost applied. Seating may also be limited. To reserve your spot, please contact our store at (905) 427-2525.

For all other events, no registration is required. We welcome everyone to join us at our free seminars and other store activities!

The Edible Garden Seminar

Saturday, March 30th @ 10:00 AM (Free)

Farm to table has been a growing trend, and there is no reason that it can't start in your own backyard! Join us for an introduction to growing your own fruits and vegetables! Nancy will walk you through growing requirements, harvesting, and even alternative methods such as container veggie gardening.

Greenhouse Tours

Sunday, March 31st @ 12:30 PM (Free)
Saturday, April 20th @ 12:30 PM (Free)

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes? Check out our production greenhouses with all of the upcoming plant material and learn a little bit about our company, growing process, and upcoming projects! Also get the chance to ask one of our senior staff members any questions you may have!

Bulb Window Box Workshop

Saturday, March 30th @ 2:00 PM
Wednesday, April 3rd @ 6:30 PM

Tired of staring out your window at snow and bare trees? Kick off your growing season with some colour! Create a beautiful window box full of spring bulbs in this how-to workshop, and learn all about how to care for your creation.

Event Cost: $50

Pond Building from the Ground Down Seminar

Saturday, April 6th @ 10:00 AM (Free)

Want to create a pond feature in your backyard but don't know where to start? Join us for this incredibly informative seminar, covering a wide range of topics about pond building and maintenance. This includes any elements you could think of adding, such as plant material, fish, turtles, fountains, waterfalls, decorative statues or giftware, and more!

Edible Perennials w/ Ben Caesar Seminar

Saturday, April 6th @ 2:00 PM (Free)

Did you know there are perennials in your garden that are edible? They may not be considered vegetables by most, but the owner of Fiddlehead Nursery, Ben Caesar, will be sharing an extensive list of edible perennials in this educational seminar! Join us as we learn what we can harvest in our own yard!

Roses, Roses and More Roses Seminar

Saturday, April 13th @ 10:00 AM (Free)

Get ready to go rose crazy as our rose expert, Sandra, teaches you everything you need to know about different types of roses, how to choose a healthy specimen, and how to provide year-round care for your roses in your own garden.

The Breakdown of Soil Seminar

Saturday, April 13th @ 2:00 PM (Free)

Learn from soil specialist, Brett Forster of Fafard, in this extensive breakdown of soil! Learn all about the composition of different soils, soil amendments, different types of fertilizers, and what soil mixes you should be using for your project.

Growing Organic Vegetables Seminar

Saturday, April 27th @ 10:00 AM (Free)

Growing Organic Vegetables will teach you all that you need to know about methods of growing organically and how it differs from typical vegetable gardening. We will walk you through what to look out for when buying products, and how to create your own organic fertilizers!

Growing a Healthy Lawn Seminar

Saturday, April 27th @ 2:00 PM (Free)

Want to learn how to achieve that perfect green lawn? Join guest lecturer, Brett Forster of Fafard, as he talks lawns! Learn all about fertilizer, pest control, soil choices, and, of course, seeding!

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 20th @ 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Free)

Come meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs! Available to all ages, kids can hunt for plastic eggs in the yard to exchange for a chocolate treat and a pansy to plant in their garden! Free to attend. Don't forget to dress for the weather!

*Chocolate may contain nuts.